Home Orchard Care. From one tree to one hundred trees, from pruning a single tree to full maintenance, renovation, pest and disease identification and treatment. I can care for your backyard and lifestyle block fruiting trees, vines and bushes in the Christchurch area.

The requirements of the home orchard often vary significantly to those of both ornamental trees and commercial orchards. Tree health, fruit production, light, water and aesthetics are all important considerations. Many older or neglected trees often require pruning and maintenance techniques long abandoned by the current export oriented intensive commercial fruit industry. Tree forms are many and varied depending both upon the intentions of the original grower and subsequent treatment. It's not uncommon for fruit trees in home orchard settings to have suffered some form of neglect or mistreatment during their lives, but damage can in many cases be repaired and renovations are often successful. Not unlike people, fruit trees can often either be cured of pests and diseases or with help can live on for a time with the ailment. Regular and correct pruning in combination with a basic spray programme can ensure many fruitful years for the home orchard.

I've spent many years working on commercial and private apple, pear and citrus orchards in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom.